We recently upgraded our website hosting service to a type of service that has redundant web servers in order to prevent site downtime if a server has hardware issues.  However, hardware redundancy does not help if the issue is a software glitch that is duplicated across all the systems.  This is what happened to our host who did an upgrade which caused a software glitch which, in turn, caused our website to be offline for over 24 hours.  Fortunately for us, we were able to redirect our website to a temporary server where we could post a quick message about our server being offline and how to contact us.

Just like this scenario, we encounter clients who purchase fancy and expensive RAID systems with the expectation that multiple hard drive redundancy is just as good as a backup.  Sadly, they completely overlook logical issues such as file system corruption, human error and viruses, let alone Murphy’s Law of multiple hard drive failure, natural disaster or some other unexpected event.

That all said, if you are in the unfortunate situation where you mistakenly put all your eggs in one basket and you have lost access to your files on your RAID storage device, Recovery Force offers some of the most affordable RAID data recovery services in North America.  Don’t waste time, risking making things worse, by trying to recover the data yourself.  Instead, contact the Recovery Force team (866-750-3169) and ask about our RAID data recovery services.   In most cases, we are able to fully recover the data within a couple of days.