Remote Data Recovery Support


Recovery Force can remotely recover data when time is of the essence and when data recovery service providers just need a helping hand.  The most common use of our remote data recovery service is for remote RAID data recovery assistance.

Typically, our remote data recovery services are geared toward technicians who have the resources and knowledge necessary to assist our team in safely recovering the data.

Remote data recovery services provided are:

  • deleted file recovery
  • accidentally formatted media
  • removable media recovery (camera card, thumb drive, external hard drive)
  • sector-by-sector drive cloning
  • RAID data recovery

Remote Assistance

Before starting a remote assistance session, please take a moment to get a case number from our data recovery ticket system, then start the remote data recovery session by clicking on the following link:

Remote Data Recovery Assistance

Advanced Remote Data Recovery Services

Requirements for advanced remote data recovery services are:

  • high speed internet access
  • media has to be correctly detected by system BIOS
  • media has to be stable
  • for RAID data recovery support, we want to be working from sector-by-sector clones, not the original drives
  • source and destination media need to be connected to a linux system with which our team can gain root access via an SSH tunnel.  This system could be a separate Linux install on a hard drive or a live version booted from CD or USB…preferred versions are Red Hat or Ubuntu based.tunnel

The costs for remote data recovery support will vary and will be quoted on a per-case scenario.

To find out more about our remote data recovery services call 866-750-3169 and talk to one of our team members.