Data Recovery

No matter what the reason is for your data loss, Recovery Force has the team of data recovery experts to quickly and safely recover your data.  We have recovered data from almost every possible cause of data loss, such as deleted or overwritten files, crashed hard drives, broken RAID arrays, floods, fire and lightening strikes.

Call 866-750-3169 if you’d like to talk to one of our data recovery team members right away to discuss your particular data recovery needs.  If you are looking to get a job number online and get your drive to us for an assessment, you can do so by clicking the link below.

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If your hard drive was dropped and/or is making any unusual sounds, be sure to keep it powered off.  Should the heads be crashing, they will scrape off more and more data until recovery of your files is no longer possible.

NAS Data Recovery

NAS Data Recovery

Recovery Force offers data recovery services from all brands of NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices.

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Hard Drive Recovery

Whether it be personal computer or a corporate laptop, Recovery Force Inc can recover inaccessible data from your hard drive. Learn More

Flash Media Devices

With the added ease of portability and the low cost of removable media, it is very rare for someone not to have personal or business data stored on a floppy disk, camera card or USB thumb drive.

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Apple Data Recovery Services

Recovery Force offers data recovery services from all brands of NAS (Network Attached Storage) devices. A few various brands and models we are familiar with are as follows.

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SSD Data Recovery

Recovery Force is equipped and ready to help you with your solid state drive (SSD) data recovery needs. With the extreme complexity of solid state drives work, it takes time for our developers to create custom solutions to various solid state drives that enter into the market.

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RAID Data Recovery


Recovery Force offers data recovery services from all types of RAID systems.

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MRT Review – Part 1

After seeing posts from MRTlab ( about MRT on various data recovery forums, I was filled with the same skepticism as most other data recovery technicians.  The promise of an affordable alternative to PC3000  the King of professional data...

8GB Apacer USB Thumb Drive Recovery

Since the introduction of flash media, the technology is constantly changing to the point where it is very rare for us to encounter the same thing twice.  We just finished up a project that looked to be a standard in and out project, but wound up to be considerably...

Christmas 2016 Holiday Hours

The Recovery Force team would like to wish you a very merry Christmas and a prosperous new year. Friday Dec 23, 2016 – Open 8am to 5pm Monday Dec 26, 2016 – Closed Tuesday Dec 27, 2016 – Closed Wednesday Dec 28, 2016 – Open 9am to 4pm Thursday...

Seagate Hard Drive Headmaps

One of the many challenges in data recovery is trying to get a donor drive with a compatible set of heads.  Seagate drives can be the toughest to match, causing a lot of technicians to scratch their heads.  Here is a list of what data recovery technicians look for...

Burned Computers

Although it might be different for other labs, we don’t get hard drives from fires very often.  But, when we do, both the computer and the hard drives tend to be in very bad condition.  Here are a couple photos from the past that we recently stumbled upon and...