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My 1 year old son knocked my computer off the table and all it would do is click. Recovery Force was able to get my pictures and info off of my mangled hard drive and able to do it under the quoted price as he quoted me worst case.

Terry Buttnor
Word Of Mouth Sales Inc.

Kyle Christie

The recovery force team did for me what other recovery agencies tried to do and could not.  Hours of precious and priceless family videos and photos were recovered after I had been told they were lost forever.  I am forever grateful to the Coughey family and their staff for being so knowledgeable.  Keep up the amazing work.

Microsoft Canada

"I want to express my thanks for the service that you provided my daughter in recovering the data from her Dell laptop hard drive.

From the first instance when you returned my initial phone call at 1am, you provided the most outstanding service. You laid out our technical options very clearly and ensured that we were fully aware of the possible technical and fiscal implications.

...Thank-you again for your great service."

Paul Cotton

"Thanks for taking on the challenge to recover data from a Adaptec Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) RAID 5 storage device.

Your efforts resulted in a tremendous success. The Enterprise Archive Service is now fully restored and operational.

I know there were great challenges, as this was your first SAS recovery job. However, your acceptance and drive to meet the challenge and willingness to work together with us provided for the environment to not give up hope and ultimately produce a favorable result."

Aubrey Bird

Kris Bailey

"I had a very difficult problem where my hard drive had lost all my files. As it turned out my back-up files were also corrupted. Recovery Force recovered over 95% of all the files. Most importantly they helped us in the reconfiguration and the most appropriate way to back up the files. I would absolutely recommend Recovery Force should you run into problems with hard drive."

Wired Effects Inc

"Recovery Force did a great job for a reasonable price! The data was also recovered in the time frame that we required which was great. I would recommend Recovery Force to anyone in need of such a service."

Mark George

Barb Hacker

"The amount I paid was 1/4 of the price previously quoted by other companies. I was extremely satisfied with your work. I have retrieved all of my irreplaceable photos of my children spanning over 4 years. Thank you so much."

Barb Hacker

McNeil Consumer Healthcare

McNeil Consumer Healthcare
A Johnson & Johnson Company

This week I endured the misfortune of a computer crash. Not an entirely unusual occurrence when you spend 8-10 hours, 5 days a week at a computer. However, after handing my system to our IT department I was informed that this time, I was the 1 in 10 that they could do nothing for. My hard drive was beyond repair, and I was provided with a new computer. A new computer with no data – I was starting from scratch! When I asked what more I could do, I was directed to a recovery service out of town. I was informed that they “may” be able to assist me – it would take 7-10 days, and the cost would begin at $1,500.00, and could be as much as $3,000.00.

I was literally in shock. 10 days? How could I put my projects on hold for 10 days? What would my customers say? I must admit, I was guilty of not backing up my files often enough, and I was now desperate for help. It is a sad state of affairs when you sit at your desk feeling helpless simply because a computer has crashed and you have lost months of data. Even information that was backed up meant nothing without the current data.

Taking matters into my own hands, I reached out to the community to ask who provided the best recovery service in town. Immediately I was pointed to Recovery Force. I called your office on Monday evening and had a very informative conversation with Anne – I knew I was in good hands. 8:00AM Tuesday morning I dropped off my hard drive. Again, the customer service I received restored my sense of hope. But it was the call I received later that SAME afternoon, telling me that you were confident that you had recovered all of my data, that pushed me over the edge of elation.

This morning I picked up my new hard drive. ALL of my files have been recovered!!! In less than 24 hours Recovery Force has me back on my feet, project data in-hand, project timelines out of jeopardy! And… at a fraction of the cost! (Honestly – I HAD to recover the data at any cost, but what a pleasant surprise to pay less than half of what I had expected!)

I cannot begin to tell you what you have done for me. Thank you doesn’t even begin to express my appreciation.

Thank you Luke! Thank you Recovery Force!


John Robb

The folks at Recovery Force really gave me some relief when they recovered some lost data from my hard drive.  Thanks so much!

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