McAfee Endpoint / McAfee Safeboot Encryption Recovery

McAfee Endpoint EncryptionIn order to protect both proprietary corporate data and personal client data in a security breach, many organizations are adopting McAfee Safeboot or McAfee Endpoint encryption programs.  Should an encrypted drive fall into the wrong hands, the contents stored on the hard drive will be locked down and inaccessible without providing the necessary credentials.

Unlike what you see in the movies and your favorite TV series, an encrypted device is pretty much uncrackable when correctly configured.  This is great when you wan to keep the bad guys out. But, what happens when you encounter an issue of hard drive failure or file system corruption which requires data recovery services?

How can Recovery Force help?

The data recovery team at Recovery Force has been supporting many global organizations who have chosen to use McAfee encryption to secure their mobile workforce.  Even with the introduction of solid state drives and regular backups, businesses still encounter times when they need to call on the data recovery professionals to recover the no longer accessible data.

We provide our clients the peace of mind that their data is safe and secure while in our possession and are in constant communication each step of the way.

As there is no way to recover the data without decrypting the data, we work with the client organization’s tech team who provide us with the necessary decryption keys.  For those organizations who would prefer not to provide us with the decryption keys, we simply provide them with a full sector-by-sector copy of the failed hard drive so that they can attempt the decryption process themselves.

How much does this service cost?

If we have to fully decrypt a drive in order to recover the data, we charge an extra $500 for the decryption on top of the cost for the data recovery service.  [data recovery pricing]

How long does it take?

When we first started decrypting drives, it sometimes took a week just to decrypt the drive, let alone the time to get the drive physical stable and cloned to a healthy drive.  Now, it doesn’t usually add much more than a day or two to the entire recovery process, assuming that there are no nasty surprises.

Need help with a McAfee encrypted device?

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