Integrated RAID 0 mSATA SSD

Phison RAID 0 mSATA SSD (SSE256GTTCR-S80)Have an SSD from a Acer Aspire S5 or Acer Aspire S7 that just doesn’t seem to work when you remove it from your system?   This is likely because you didn’t notice that the SSD is actually two SSDs on a single circuit board in a custom setup where they are merged into a single larger capacity SSD using RAID 0 striping.

What does RAID 0 (striping) mean?

The two SSD drives are merged together like a zipper at the sector level.  The first 128 sectors are written to the first drive, the next 128 sectors to the second, the next 128 sectors to the first and so on.  In order to recover the data, it is necessary to build a custom solution to allow interfacing with the second SSD.  By striping data across two or more drives, the capacity and speed of the storage is improved significantly.  Unfortunately, there is no redundancy with RAID 0.  If one drive fails, then entire contents across all the drives is lost.

Some models of mSATA RAID 0 SSD from Acer Aspire S5 and S7 laptops known by Recovery Force, thus far:

Kingston SMSR150S3
Lite-On CMT-256L6M
Lite-On CMT-256L3M
Phison SSE256GTTCR-S80

Our team is equipped to handle the recovery of data from integrated RAID SSDs like these very quickly and at our base data recovery rate for a 2 drive RAID 0.

If you have an integrated RAID 0 SSD from any model of laptop, computer or tablet and are looking for a way to recover your data, contact the team at Recovery Force to find out how to find out how we can help.

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