Part of the challenge of hard drive data recovery is fixing the hard drive’s firmware.  In some cases, this can be done by regenerating the damaged modules using the good ones.  However, in many cases, it also requires getting working copies of the files from a hard drive with the exact same firmware revision, which is usually a lot easier said than done.  So, in an effort to assist other labs around the world, we are making our library of firmware resources freely accessible.

Don’t be greedy and try to download the entire library with over 100GB of resources.  Instead, we recommend that you just download the particular resource you need at any point in time.

To gain access to the resources, we do require a password, just to eliminate bots and unnecessary downloads.  If you’d like access to the resources, please send an email to with your request and the following information from your company email account:

Your Name:
Company Name:
Company Website:

We will reply with a link, username and password to gain access.


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