SandForce SSD Data Recovery

We are pleased to report that we have developed new in-house methods for reading SandForce controller based solid state drives that are unresponsive.  We aren’t able to recover all cases, at the moment, but we have confirmed that we are able to recover several cases that we weren’t previously able to recover.

  • Deleted Files
  • Formatted File System
  • Non responsive SSD stuck in a BSY state

In cases when the SSD is stuck in a BSY state and won’t identify, it is these which we have greatly improved our abilities.

SandForce Controllers Recovered

  • SF-1222TA3-SBH
  • SF-2281VB4-SPC

SSD Brands With SandForce Controllers Recovered

  • OCZ Vertex 2
  • Corsair F120
  • PNY

Costs for SandForce Controller Based SSD Recoveries

In keeping with our existing data recovery pricing

Logical issues / Bad sectors – $350
Non responsive / Physical damage – $900

In cases where we are unable to recover the data using our methods, we aren’t doing anything that would affect the chances of other labs who claim to recover 99% of the cases for about 4-5 times what we charge.  As we only charge if we are successful, those who aren’t sure of whether or not to try us first, the only thing you have to risk is your time and the cost of shipping.

Call 866-750-3169 if you’d like to talk to one of our data recovery team members right away to discuss your particular SandForce data recovery needs.  If you are looking to get a job number online and get your drive to us for an assessment, you can do so by clicking the link below.

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More About SandForce Controllers

Early on, when solid state drives started hitting the market as hard drive replacements in personal laptops and computers, many manufacturers adopted the fast and inexpensive SandForce controller at the expense of longevity and a 256-bit encrypted firmware that makes them nearly impossible to recover, in cases when the firmware is damaged or corrupt.  Even today, most data recovery labs are limited to only handling logical issues, such as deleted files or bad sectors.  However, the majority of SandForce based SSDs that come into labs for data recovery are there because they get stuck in a busy state, not even identifying themselves to the system.

Fortunately, SandForce controllers are becoming less common, but are still common enough in both cheap generic brand SSDs, as well as low end models for various manufacturers.

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