Camera Card and Thumb Drive Data Recovery

Flash Media Data Recovery

Whether you are an elementary school teacher with all your school notes and grades stored on a USB thumb drive or a professional photographer with a wedding shoot on a CF card, when the device fails, the sense of panic starts to set in.  Now that you found Recovery Force, you can sit back and breathe again while our team recovers the data from your failed flash device.

We support most USB thumb drives and camera cards which contain a controller and removable NAND chips.

We don’t currently provide in-house support for monolithic memory devices that don’t have separate NAND chips that can be removed from a circuit board and manually read with various data recovery hardware devices.  For these devices, we have partnered with a world renowned flash recovery expert in Europe to provide our clients with the best chance of recovering their files within our existing pricing model.

Common Reasons for USB Thumb Drive and Camera Card Recoveries

  • file deletion
  • formatting
  • corrupt or damaged file system
  • water damage
  • broken USB connector
  • damaged electronics
  • failed controller
  • device keeps asking to be initialized
  • not detecting at full capacity

Brands From Which We Recover (that we are aware of)

  • Adata
  • Corsair
  • Crucial Technology
  • Generic Unbranded
  • HP
  • Imation
  • Kingston
  • Lexar
  • OCZ
  • PNY
  • Sandisk
  • Samsung
  • Seagate
  • Sony
  • Staples
  • Toshiba
  • Transcend
  • Umax
  • Verbatim

8GB Apacer USB Thumb Drive Recovery

Since the introduction of flash media, the technology is constantly changing to the point where it is very rare for us to encounter the same thing twice.  We just finished up a project that looked to be a standard in and out project, but wound up to be considerably...
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Scarlett Gillespie
Scarlett Gillespie
So, I had a hard drive failure which resulted in my almost losing the use of my computer, including almost 900GB of my media files and data. I also learned that my backup setup wasn't working up until this failure, so restoring my data wasn't an option (Fuck me, right?). With the IT help of @[512116218:Brandon Walek], he was able to reestablish my PC as functional- alas- without the said drive. To recover my data, Brandon attempted: -Using Recuva, TestDisk, DD Rescue, etc. -Attempted system restore/recovery -Attempted to clone damaged drive using programs Acronis and Ghost -Attempted to access files using live boot systems with live USB Linux systems, as well as in Windows. But still, no luck! The best news I received this week was when Recovery Force informed me that they were able to retrieve 99.96% of my data lost from the hard drive. With this being said, Brandon tried everything to recover the data, and RecoveryForce has brought me peace of mind. I've yet to pay and pick up the drive, but I wanted to type this out as I don't doubt I'll be satisfied once I sync it all up, again. The value of their services are definitely worth what they charge, and I do recommend them!! Also worth being said, is that their customer service was great and highly professional- especially Luke- and they made me feel comfortable commissioning their services as a trans adult star (take a guess what kind of media I had on my drive �), considering they would have seen my data. Thank you!!
Anita Jacobson
Anita Jacobson
I want to give a huge thank you and shout out to Recovery Force. I deleted the last months worth of photo's on my phone as I was rushing. Pic trips with hubby my Epicure conference pics and my brothers wedding pictures (good thing I wasn't the official photographer) I called them and while it was not worth sending them my phone to recover the pictures they gave me some free advise over the phone and recommended an app called DiskDigger - which WORKED!! I had called a few other places who told me it could not be done - When in doubt this will be who I now call for advice or for other jobs other then a months worth of pictures I will just hire them to do
Shlomi Amiga
Shlomi Amiga
Recovery Force worked on my 10TB 5 bay unit and recovered 100% of the data in less than a week! They offered fast, transparent, friendly service, as well as a bunch of educational tips on how to prevent data loss in the future. They also charged me half of the quote I received before from a big name recovery company. All in all excellent experience and service. Highly recommended!