One of the many challenges in data recovery is trying to get a donor drive with a compatible set of heads.  Seagate drives can be the toughest to match, causing a lot of technicians to scratch their heads.  Here is a list of what data recovery technicians look for when matching Seagate drives for compatible heads:ST1000DM003

  • the full model of the drive
  • the first 3 digits of the serial number
  • the first 6 digits (preferably all) of the part number
  • the same site code
  • the closest date and firmware possible

By following this formula, it only increases the chances of the heads matching, but it is not uncommon to still encounter incompatible heads, only to be discovered after the transplant.  To help other data recovery technicians narrow in on a suitable donor, we’ve started to compile a list of Seagate hard drives and their corresponding headmaps.