We have been providing our clients with FTP access to their recovered data when requested, for many years now.  Now we have made it better with a few upgrades:

  1. Faster internet connection.  Our fibre internet connection is now 10 times faster than it was before.  What used to take more than 2 hours to download from our lab should now take about 15 minutes.
  2. Secure FTP service.  Now our clients can choose between standard non-encrypted (FTP) service or enjoy the security of explicit SSL/TLS (FTPS) service.
  3. Secure web interface.  For those clients who find a standard FTP program somewhat overwhelming, we have added a secure web interface where they can select and download the files in a somewhat more familiar environment.  Our clients can also open and view recovered photos and videos before downloading them.

Immediate FTP access may not be for everyone.  The most common situations where clients choose FTP access are as follows:

  1. Small amounts of data that is faster to download than to pick up or have shipped
  2. Rushed data that is needed sooner than later
  3. Long distance clients where the cost and time of shipping are significantly greater than the cost of FTP access

The next time you are creating a new data recovery case on our data recovery ticket system, you will now see the added option of FTP in the destination media drop-down menu.  If you have any questions about this newly expanded service, feel free to call and talk to one of our team members.