When it comes to Ransomware removal and decryption of files, we don’t have any special in-house solutions.  There are plenty of smart people and companies around the world who are constantly working to find ways to bypass paying the those who are holding your data hostage and safely recover your files with minimal cost and file damage.

Rather than Recovery Force charging clients for our team to follow the free instructions posted online by those who are so kind as to find ways to recover your encrypted files, we’d rather just refer you, our client, to them directly.  So, in the case of the most recent ransomeware which encrypts your hard drive, rather than just your files, you can find an online solution outlined on Bleeping Computer’s website – Petya Ransomware’s Encryption Defeated

If you are looking for other solutions, you may want to browse Bleeping Computer’s website to see if they have posted anything about the ransomeware that is bothering you.  We’ve also added a thread on our data recovery forum where links and comments about solutions can be posted for everyone to know about.  If you know of a solution or you have successfully used a solution, please post about it there.

If there is no known solution to decrypt the drive without paying the ransom, there is a small chance that Recovery Force can recover some of your files from deleted unencrypted backup copies of files that may still exist on your hard drive.  The results are messy and the percentage of good files is low.  But, for some clients, any files is better than no files.

If you are at a loss and would like some advice on what to do next, feel free to give us a call, toll free at 866-750-3169.

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