Data Recovery Phone Support

Over the past few months, we have noticed an increase of end users and/or computer technicians bringing failing hard drives for us to recover after they have spent days (even weeks) trying to recover the data themselves. When we ask why, they state that they hoped to recover it for a much lower price than the thousands of dollars charged by data recovery professionals.

So, here are some points on why to contact Recovery Force immediately after data loss has occured and before any recovery attempts have been made:

  1. Free phone advice on how best to proceed and protect the data
  2. The sooner we get it, the faster we can recover it
  3. The sooner we get it, the better the chances of a successful recovery
  4. The sooner we get it, less damage is caused, resulting in lower costs to recover the data. It is very rare that we will charge more than $1000 on a single drive recovery, unless the odds are very low and the damage is very bad.

So, whether it is just a case of a deleted file, a formatted hard drive or a crashed RAID array, call Recovery Force at 866-750-3169 before it is too late.

“If in doubt, give us a shout!”