Did you know that Recovery Force can recover data from a formatted or physically damaged USB thumb drive?

In the early 90’s, users would transport their files around using floppy disks that were known to fail frequently.  Users would have multiple floppy disks containing copies of the same files, ready for the disk to fail.

Today, users now use USB thumb drives to transport and hold very important data, just as they did in the 90’s.  However, the problem is, they don’t have the same precautions of having multiple copies of their data, assuming that flash memory is invincible.  Sorry, it is not.  Not only to these devices fail from normal wear and tear, we have also get them here for other reasons:

  1. Dog chewed on it
  2. Went through the laundry
  3. Drive over by a car
  4. Snapped off when laptop was dropped
  5. Accidentally formatted the wrong device

Recovery Force has invested in flash recovery technology and will continue to do so.  If you or someone you know has lost data on a USB thumb drive, contact Recovery Force to find out how we can help you recover your files.