thumbdriveBelieve it or not, we encounter a lot of scenarios where the only copy of a critical file is stored on a dead USB thumb drive. Such scenarios range from:

  • The teacher with all their coursework, student grades and yearbook photos
  • The university student with all their research and only copy of their thesis
  • The book keeper who transports the accounting records between work and home

One common misconception is that because USB thumb drives use flash storage, they are indistructable. However, that is far from the truth. These devices can not only have electronic failure by shorting out, they can also have the memory chip fail and, even worse, the physical thumb drive can break in two by accident.

If it isn’t already too late, remember to make a regular backup copy of the your files to another drive.

In the event that it is too late and you have already experienced that lump in your throat when you realize that you no longer have access to the files that you desperately need, you can contact Recovery Force at 866-750-3169 and we can discuss how we can help get your data back. We provide thumb drive data recovery services, starting as low as $150.