Several months ago, we posted an article (for fun) on what not to do to recover data.   This time around, we are posting the general steps taken by data recovery professionals.

Step 1. Analysis – determine the source of the problem

Step 2. Stabilization – temporarily replace any damaged parts needed to get the device to detect and/or correct any firmware issues

Step 3. Cloning – get a full sector-by-sector clone using special data recovery hardware trying to avoid any unnecessary stress to the drive

Step 4. File System Recovery – reconstruct the file system and recover the files from the clone created in step 3

Step 5. Quality Control – test that the recovered data is healthy.  If need be, go back and repeat whatever steps are necessary to improve the results

Step 6. Return Data To Client – copy the recovered files to whatever media is going to be returned to the client

Step 7. Re-Assemble – put the original device back to its original condition with original parts

Step 8. Wipe – usually a couple weeks after the data has been returned to the client and the project is officially closed, all the media that contained the client’s data is sanitized so that it can be put back into production for a future project

If you have experienced data loss and your technician is currently attempting to recover your data for you, you may want to confirm that they are taking all the necessary precautions to avoid causing further damage to your lost files.  Should you have any questions, feel free to call us at 866-750-3169 and we’d be most happy to discuss your data loss situation.