Another 100% successful RAID recovery by Recovery Force, completed for less than half of the minimum of most competing data recovery service providers.  In this case, there were eight 4TB hard drives, totally 32TB when combined from a Synology NAS, setup in a 24TB RAID 6 array with four of the eight hard drives damaged from a power surge.  It took about 24 hours to complete the assessment and about 3 days to complete the recovery once the client supplied storage large enough to contain the 11.5TB of recovered files.

To put it into perspective, the average laptop has a 500GB hard drive, which is half a TB, meaning that we were dealing with 64 times that amount of storage and recovered 23 times the amount of data that a 500GB hard drive could hold.

When a RAID fails, the chances of recovering the data are dependent on the first steps in assessment.  It is always best to power off the server and contact one of the Recovery Force team members to discuss the details outlining the RAID failure before anything is attempted.  We cannot undo any extra damage caused by failed RAID rebuilds and recovery attempts prior to our getting the drives in for assessment.

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If you have questions about our RAID data recovery services, call 866-750-3169 to talk to one of our team members.

If you have a RAID that has already failed and you just want to get it into our lab for the assessment, start by creating a user account and ticket on our data recovery support site and then get the hard drives from your RAID to our lab in Guelph.