Seagate ST200DM001 2TB SATA Hard Drive With Fatal Head Crash

Seagate ST200DM001 2TB SATA Hard Drive With Fatal Head Crash

Usually, we prefer to remain unbiased when it comes to what brands and models of hard drives our clients choose to purchase.  However, when we see a particular model or brand of hard drive that is exceptionally bad, we cannot help but warn our clients about them.  In this case, we are referring to a particular series of Seagate hard drive that may suddenly fail with severe damage, without warning.  Added to that, these drives are very difficult to recover from, if recoverable at all, resulting in expensive quotes.

You may not necessarily need to seek out these disk drives and replace them, but it is advised that you make sure that all data stored on one of these hard drives is backed up.

Here is a list of model numbers we have seen and feel should be watched closely:


If you are a technician who may have clients with any of these drives in use, you might want to consider contacting them to make sure that their backup is in place.  And, if you are an end user and you think you might have one of these drives in your computer, check your backups or contact your preferred computer technician and have them check your backups for you.