Agoglia recently discovered a major issue of data loss with their SSD drives.  They believe that they have pinpointed the root cause to be Samsung SSDs with TRIM enabled.

At this moment we finally got a complete picture of what was going on. The system was issuing a TRIM to erase empty blocks, the command got misinterpreted by the drive and the controller erased blocks it was not supposed to. Therefore our files ended-up with 512 bytes of zeroes, files smaller than 512 bytes were completely zeroed.

You can read their full blog posting here.

Here is their list of broken SSDs

  • SAMSUNG MZ7WD480HCGM-00003
  • SAMSUNG MZ7GE480HMHP-00003
  • SAMSUNG MZ7GE240HMGR-00003
  • Samsung SSD 840 PRO Series
  • Samsung SSD 850 PRO 512GB

We don’t see any posting on Samsung’s website to confirm or deny any issues.  It is recommended that if you are using using a Samsung SSD, you should make sure your data is backed up and consider disabling TRIM and keep an eye out for a firmware fix.