John sent the 2 hard drives from his server to a data recovery lab in Toronto when his server did not boot following a power outage. The lab reported back that the drives were damaged as a result of the power surge and that it would cost him more than $10,000 to recover his company data. So, he contacted his insurance company for some assistance.

The insurance company requested that the drives be re-assessed at Recovery Force where our team was able to quickly determine that the previous quote was a lot of fluff, either to take advantage of the client and/or his insurance company.

Our team quickly determined that the two drives were mirror copies of each other. One drive had bad sectors on it and was offline and out of sync for at least 6 months prior to the power outage. The second drive had a firmware issue as a result of the bad sectors on it and was quickly brought back to life and the data was fully recovered within a day…for $1000. Based on our new updated pricing schedule, this would now actually be a $700 data recovery project. A far cry from the original $10,000 quoted by the Toronto data recovery lab and now $300 less than the $1000 deductible.

Recovery Force is proud to offer the same rates for business clients, end users and insurance companies. We quote our work based on the project, not on how deep your pockets are. We have some of the lowest data recovery lab rates in North America, provide free assessments and don’t charge for the recovery if we are unable to recover data.

If you think you are being over-quoted by another data recovery lab past, present and future, please contact Recovery Force at 866-750-3169 to find out how you can get the same level of service for a fraction of the price.