bakcupAre you sure?

As a professional data recovery lab, we get lots of data recovery projects from clients who have their data backed up.  At least that is what they were made to believe?  Here are a few things to check to confirm that your data is truly backed up:

  1. If you were to delete the copy of the file you are working on, is there another recent copy to restore?
  2. If the drive on which the file you are working on were to crash, be stolen or be destroyed in a fire, would you still have another recent copy to restore?
  3. If the server on which the file you are working were to completely crash, do you have another copy of your critical files that you can quickly restore?
  4. If your drive were to crash, do you have the encryption key to restore from your encrypted online backup services?

Very frequently, our clients come to us because they were made to believe that the server on which their data is stored is backed up because it is a RAID or that the USB hard drive on which their files are stored is a backup, as it is known as a backup drive.  Unfortunately, they find out the hard way that they have been mis-informed and end up paying for professional data recovery data recovery services.

If your computer has crashed and your backup process has failed, contact Recovery Force to find out how we can assist you in the process of recovering your lost files from either your original storage media or the backup device (assuming that the data truly existed there at one point in time).

Should you be concerned that you might not a proper backup solution in place, we recommend that you seek the assistance of one of our recommended data recovery re-sellers or contact one of the online backup vendors we have listed on our site.