It’s a warm summer’s Monday morning. You arrive at the office to hear the news that the main server is not accessible. After some investigation, you discover that there was a power outage over the weekend and the server is now showing an error message, “boot disk not found.” Then the panic starts to set in as you recall ignoring an error message about the backups for the past few months.

This is scenario is quite common and how it is handled immediately following the discovery of failure plays a huge part in the chances of a clean and quick recovery. Here is a quick list of things you should and shouldn’t do to help improve the chances of getting your data back quickly.

  • Power the system off
  • Do not try to force a drive online or rebuild a RAID
  • Check the backups
  • If restoring from backup or rebuilding system, set all original drives aside and start fresh with new drives

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To help avoid this scenario of data loss all together, it is best to have a solid backup routine, both in house and off site, in place that is tested and verified regularly, as well as run use uninterrupted power supplies (UPS).