It is very important to recognize that the best chances of getting your data back is by seeking the assistance of a professional data recovery lab prior to any attempts to get the data off without using professional tools and methodology.  Any attempts to recover the data without proper diagnosis and precautions can cause further irreversible damage to the data to be recovered.

There are times when professional data recovery services are just not affordable and other options are needed.  In the case that you have been quoted too high by a data recovery lab, other than Recovery Force, feel free to contact us at 866-750-3169 to find out if we may be able to do the project at a more affordable price.

In the cases where the cost to recover the data at any lab is greater than the value of the data on the drive, Recovery Force has introduced a new DIY data recovery page to our website where we will be adding helpful disk recovery information for those who choose to try it on their own.

To find find out more, go to our DIY Data Recovery page.