Although the numbers can vary widely, we found it interesting when we compared the recovery levels of projects that came in from re-sellers who don’t make any attempt at data recovery and re-sellers who run their various recovery software and only forward projects that they are unable to recover.   Here is what we found:

Data Recovery Statistics
Level No Recovery Attempt Locations Software Recovery Attempt Locations
1 63% 16%
2 13% 11%
3 25% 21%
4 and DOA 0% 53%

These numbers are based on a small time period of about 3 months and may be drastically different over a larger period of time.

There are plenty of explanations and things to consider before taking these numbers at their face value.  We are not going to over-analyze these numbers and suggest that service technicians put their head in the dirt and blindly send every data recovery project to Recovery Force before they even look at the drive…though, we wouldn’t turn down the extra work.  What we  think we should be getting from this is that service technicians should seriously count the cost of making their own recovery attempts on client’s failing hard drives and should probably consider referring failing drives (non detecting, clicking, lots of read errors, etc) to Recovery Force before further irreversible damage is caused.

At the very least, if you find you have a client drive that won’t allow you to recover their data with relative ease, it might be well worth the free phone call (866-750-3169) to talk to a Recovery Force technician about the safest and most cost effective plan of attack.