If you and/or anyone you know has ever had a box store technician tell you that your data is not recoverable or that it will be very expensive to recover your files, they are likely not giving you the correct information. Their in-store resources for diagnosing a failing hard drive and recovering the data is very limited and the data recovery labs that they partner with tend to have very high prices, even for the most simple data recovery projects.

We recently received a data recovery project here where the box store technician diagnosed the drive as failing because of viruses and told the client that it would likely be a $1400 recovery at their partner lab. Thanks to a referral, the client came to Recovery Force where the drive was diagnosed as having a crashing head. All the data was recovered and ready for them to pickup the next day for $350.

Should you like an honest second opinion about the recoverability of your data after it has been assessed by your local box store, please contact Recovery Force to find out how.