It stands to reason that as a company that exclusively uses BlackBerry mobile phones, the Recovery Force team announces our official BBM channel.  We are the first data recovery lab in the known universe to create a BBM channel, which is kind of cool.  If you have BBM channels installed, show your support for Recovery Force by following us.

As we are, currently, the only data recovery lab with a channel (at the time of this post), you can easily find us by searching for data recovery or, more specifically, Recovery Force.  You can also add us by scanning the bar code or entering the PIN below within the BBM channel application.


If you have any suggestions on what kind of content you would like to see us post on our channel, you can let us know by posting a comment below or starting a private BBM chat with the channel admin.

Using BBM on iOS or Andriod?  You’ll either have to upgrade to a new BlackBerry Z30 or wait for BBM channels to be released on the cross-platform devices in the new year (2014).