AppleXserve2008The Recovery Force team just recently recovered data from an Apple Xserve 2008 setup with three 1TB hard drives configured in a RAID 5 storage array.  The original issue was a failed system board, but things got a little worse when the computer tech who first looked at the system removed the drives and unintentionally wrote data back to one of the drives.

Unlike most hardware RAID arrays, Apple Xserve likes to spice things up by using a block size 8 times larger than normal and an offset around 18GB from the start of each drive in the array.  Fortunately, in the case of a 3 drive RAID 5, Apple doesn’t mess around too much with the parity distribution.

If you or someone you know happens to have an Apple Xserve that has failed and require data recovery, Recovery Force is able to recover the data quickly at a very affordable price.  Don’t risk unnecessary data loss and contact the RAID data recovery specialists right away.