Own an Apple computer system such as a Mac Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, Mac Server or a MacBook Air?  Although all theses systems use Apple proprietary hardware and Mac OS operating system, they all still use the same hard drives and solid state drives that you would find in a PC.   When that hard drive or solid state drive fails or you accidentally delete files from that device, Recovery Force can quickly recover your files at very competitive data recovery rates.

So, if you’ve been to a Mac Genius, your local authorized repair centre or the geek up the street and they tell you that your data is gone and there is nothing they can do, it likely is not as bad as they think.  We get a lot of Apple data recovery projects here at Recovery Force and get drives referred to us from Apple Stores, Apple Authorized stores and computer technicians throughout North America.

You shouldn’t pay more for Apple data recovery services just because you paid more to own an Apple computer.  So, rather than send your Apple hard drive to the other data recovery guy to get an overpriced quote, send it directly to Recovery Force where our customers come first.