Toronto Data Recovery

In Toronto looking for a trusted data recovery service provider?  Tired of paying more just because you are in the GTA?  Why not try Recovery Force?  We have up front flat rate data recovery pricing posted on our website and guarantee our work.

Recovery Force recovers data from thumb drives, camera cards, hard drives, servers, home NAS units, RAIDs and pretty much anything that stores data.

Located in Guelph, our lab is about an hour West of Toronto.  You are welcome to hand deliver your drive directly to our lab or ship it via your preferred courier service.

Recovery Force Headquarters and Main Lab

350 Speedvale Ave W, Unit 2
Guelph, ON
N1H 7M7

Phone: 519-837-8404
Toll Free: 866-750-3169
Fax: 519-837-0566

Information About Resellers:

There are many computer sales and service centres throughout Canada and the United States who use Recovery Force as their preferred clean room data recovery provider.   When using these resellers, you will not be dealing directly with Recovery Force.  Although most resellers stick with the pricing we have posted on our website, they will likely charge for extra services provided, such as disk removal from a system, shipping costs to and from our lab and any computer repairs that may be needed.

To get the data recovery process started:

  1. Create an account and log into our new support website.
  2. Create a new ticket for each data recovery project you have and be sure to take note of your new ticket id.
  3. Then ship or deliver your hard drive(s) to our data recovery lab location in Guelph, Ontario.
Make sure your Ticket ID is clearly marked on your packaging