Data Recovery Prices

As with most reputable data recovery labs, Recovery Force offers no data, no charge data recovery services, with only the exception of add-on services and when parts are needed.  Our assessment is free, but we do require that clients pre-approve the minor recovery price as outlined below.  This way, when our team assesses your hard drive and are able to recover your data at our base rate, we keep moving forward until the recovery is completed, speeding up the overall recovery process and helping us keep your costs down by our not wasting time on recoveries that aren’t worth our minimum fees.

If the cost to recover the data is more than the minimum price, we will provide a quote and will only move forward with the data recovery process after we receive approval from the client.

All Prices Listed in Canadian Dollars. Click Here for Google’s Currency Converter.

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Single Drive Recovery Prices (Flash Media, Hard Drive, Solid State Drive, External USB Hard Drive)
Service Level: Minor Data Recovery (up to 4TB) Major Data Recovery (up to 4TB)
Cost: $350 (add $100/TB above 4TB) $900 + parts (add $100/TB above 4TB)
Description: Deleted Files
Formatted Drive
Corrupt File System
Bad Sectors
Minor Firmware Damage
Damaged PCB
Stuck Heads
Damaged Heads
Seized Motor
Severe Firmware Damage
Chip Off Flash Recovery
Unresponsive SSD


RAID Data Recovery Prices
Minimum price calculated based on the number of drives in the RAID x our minimum single drive rate of $350 (+$100/TB above 4TB).
The price increases based on the complexity of the RAID such as:
-> Number of damaged drives
-> Type of RAID
-> Type of file system
-> Virtualization
-> Corruption of RAID config
-> File system damage
-> Capacity of RAID
-> Volume of data to be recovered
2 x 500GB Drive RAID-0: $700 minimum (2 x$350)
3 x 2TB Drive RAID-5: $1050 minimum (3 x $350)
4 x 8TB Drive RAID-5: $3000 minimum (4 x ($350 + $400))
5 x 6TB Drive RAID-5: $2750 minimum (5 x ($350 + $200))
10 x 4TB Drive RAID-6: $5000 minimum (10 x $350)

Extra Data Recovery Service Prices
Priority Rush After Hours Rush Holiday Rush Decryption Platter Cleaning Unrecoverable 2nd Opinion
$500 $1000 $2000 $500 $1000 $500
Up Front & Non-Refundable Fee
Add $250/drive for each drive more than 4 in a RAID -

Pricing subject to change without notice.