DIY Data Recovery


Yup, you read it right.   Recovery Force now has a page to help support those of you who are trying to save a few bucks and do the data recovery yourselves.

Disclaimer:  Recovery Force is not liable for any damages or data loss caused as a result of DIY data recovery attempts.

If there is any concern about the physical condition of the hard drive (ie, it is making strange sounds), do not power it on and call Recovery Force at 866-750-3169 to discuss the safest course of action.

It is strongly advised that you take the time to review the following article, the Data Recovery Process before you proceed with any attempt to run data recovery software.

If there is even a remote chance that you might send your drive to Recovery Force or any other professional data recovery lab:

  • DO NOT Open the drive’s cover
  • DO NOT Freeze the hard drive
  • DO NOT Cook the hard drive
  • DO call for advice first.

Assuming that you have read the data recovery process  and have confirmed that the hard drive in question detects, is physically stable and something that you are comfortable to work with, you should follow these steps:

  1. Clone the drive with something that can handle drives with bad sectors and keeps a log so you never read a sector twice
  2. Connect the clone to a working system running Linux, Windows or Mac OS and scan the clone with a software recovery program
  3. Save the recovered data to anything you wish, except to the original hard drive and the clone.  We recommend a new USB 3 hard drive.
  4. Make sure you verify that all the recovered data is good.  Just because a file name is listed, does not mean that the contents of the file are accessible.  Especially if the clone has missing sectors, be sure to set the clone aside with the original until you are 100% confident that you won’t need further recovery efforts

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5 out of 5 stars

Michael Travers
Michael Travers

5 out of 5 stars

posted 4 months ago

AMAZING! When my hard drive failed and I realized it had been 3 years since I backed up any family photos I was in a panic. I spent hours online and calling around to try to figure out what to do. That is how I discovered Recovery Force. Not only did they have by far the cheapest base price they ended up being close by. I decided to drop my hard drive off in person to avoid any further damage in the mail. What an experience. They were very friendly and helpful. 2 hrs after delivering the hard drive I received an email letting me know that they had analyzed my drive and they confirmed that they could retrieve my data for the minimum price. 3 hrs after that, another email comes in stating that they were finished and I could pick up my data. I had all my photos back that day for approximately half the price of the next cheapest competitor I could find. A wonderful experience.

Matthew McKaig
Matthew McKaig

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 months ago

Rolled the dice on not doing backups with a new computer and a SSD drive. Bad choice. HDD was totally fried in about a year. Luke was great at walking me through the process when we found out it might take a YEAR to recover (it was that bad). Luke tried a bunch of things that I won't pretend to understand and with the recovery force Magic made things happen.

Thanks for your support and patience

David Thorburn
David Thorburn

5 out of 5 stars

posted 8 months ago

I recently had a hard drive crash and was in a panic until I got in touch with Luke at Recovery Force. I had all of my data back to me within a week. VERY pleased with the service and the cost.